Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is what happens when....

You move an image whilst scanning it! COOL.
Friday 13th Analog Glitch.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Found this photo on (facebook) of all places. One of those viral pix. Pretty striking though.

Film still from Videos created by Diane Edwards

this is exactly the over saturated glitchy aesthetic i find most pleasing. She uses "FOUND" VHS tape clips to make her work.

Fiorucci made me Hardcore

Industrial Light and Migic (above) won the Turner Prize in 1999.

Former Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey created a video piece titled Fiorucci Made me Hardcore and it documents the history of British Dance Culture with a comedic, poetic and strangely ambient sound track. I think Fiorucci is a type of Denim most probably worm bu ravers in the 90's.

Anyway, I'm referencing this video because I'm planning to incorporate clips from you-tube into my video of the sea. I'm going to use clips from 80's music videos with people dancing in an over emphasized fashion. These are the type of music videos that were created when video effects were just made commercial so they are over flowing with ridiculous effects, over saturated colour, ridiculous dance moves and forgotten pop culture!

I think the rest of my work is going to be pretty much gray-scale so I i'm happy to indulge in O.T.T colour with the video work.

These are some stills from the videos i've been editing to mash up with my clips of the sea moving. I have also been data moshing some of the clips so pixels move across the surface of the water.

This is another video still, I managed to get the sea looking really spacey at points.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sonic Acts XIII- The poetics of Space

I ALWAYS find myself looking back to this  exhibition it's probably the most inspirational show i've evr went to and it seemed to come at exactly the right time.  I always found it so mind blowing that I could never explain exactly what it was and this little blurb and video I found on youtube digests it delightfully:
The thirteenth Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam is entirely dedicated to the exploration of space in performative and audiovisual art, film, music and architecture. Sonic Acts XIII -- The Poetics of Space examines the importance of physical space in times of far-reaching technological developments, and the physical and psychological impact of spatial designs. The exhibition at the Netherlands Media Artis Institute comprises spatial audio-visual and interactive installations, classic video art, light sculptures and sound works that explore different ways of experiencing space.

Did some more photos of moles today with Abby in the photo studio with both film and digital.

Quite happy with some of the results after muddling about with the on photoshop and inverting the images.

This third image really reminds me of a photograph I used to see a lot when I was younger. It doesn't look anything like it but it really made me remember this photo that used to hang in my friends bath room (not the original) but a photo of Woopi Goldberg in a bath of milk taken by Anni Liebovitz. It also makes me think of a photoshoot that Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twins Videographer) did with Grace Jones.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday and Friday felt like Friday and Saturday. Saturday felt like a day in limbo. Sunday felt like Saturday and Monday has felt like a Sunday. My head needs to get back in check. However i'm guessing that Tuesday is going to feel like Monday now. Confusing stuff. None the less, what an eventful few days i've had. On Thursday I went and collected my beautiful neon sign from a warehouse in Easterhouse after arriving in Glasgow to a temperature of 20c ! Unreal. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. Went to see some G.I bits - Sacrilege (inflatable stone henge) Coloeur Cafe (the pipe factory), Karla Blacks exhibition at the GOMA and the highlight I have to say was Chernozem Kino at the Glue Factory. It was MENTAL! Awe inspiring and completely transformed a cinematic experience into an interactive one.

This little bit of blurb from the website explains a little about 85a Collectives vision

Burrowing through that dark vein of German Expressionism and Soviet propaganda films, 85A Collective, in association with The Glue Factory, are proud to present their first self-produced film: ‘Chernozem’ (Black Earth, written and directed by 85A's Judd Brucke).
Launching as a fringe event to G.I. 2012, the film has been expanded into a ‘total cinema’ experience- a hair raising Gesamtkunstwerk entitled: ‘CHERNOZEM:KINO!’
Quite literally taken on a surreptitious ride through a series of multi-sensory scenes from the film within a large-scale post-industrial environment, the awe-struck audience can expect mesmerizing mechanical kinetic sculptures, immersive set design, intense lighting + projection, pummeling live music, salvos of sound design and rapid-fire performance…with the terrified cinéaste ultimately ‘projected’ into the film itself! 

Basically they'd made a whole film - like a Cine Noir Steam Punk Industrial Metal Apocolyptic Totalitarian Horror Show and 13 room cinema installation in which you're quided through room by room to view sections of the film and experience the film as though you are in it.

At the start you are taken into a long corridor with about 12 others and told by dominatrix's that you are a prisoner. You are then told to put on a striped T-Shirt and a mask resembling a ghost or skeleton which you wear for the duration of the show. 

You are then told to switch on a screen right infront of you and watch the first part of the film. everyone then lines up and in pairs are dragged behind a sliding door obviously having no clue what is to come of you on the other side. On the other side a man in a striped t-shirt and a mask straps you into a carriage and tells you to hold on tight they then push you really fast through several different rooms with strobe lights going off, loud industrial noises and werewolf/monkey/gimp men running around beating planks of wood off of the floor. Quite terrifying. 

One of the most interesting uses of projection used was a reflection onto water. really still, dark black water and they projected directly onto it giving a glazed surface texture. Really beautiful. 

Anyways, I'm not going to sit and describe 13 different rooms as it's just too much, much too much. 
The bit with the witch was cool though. At one point you're chucked outside and there's a werewolf/monkey/gimp thing curcled in the foetal position at your feet as you walk out and he jumps out at you running after you and courting you to a back area where there is a fire and a video of a witch! I turned around as my sixth senses told me there was something behind me and creeping up behind us all was the witch! As she approached the monkey/gimp/werewolf thing starts fighting with her and this massive head dress pops up making her about 9 foot tall and like something from Mexicos The day of the Dead. A strobe goes off and they do some sort of ritualistic dance. So frickin cool.

Anyway.... the whole thing comes to a climax with a massive kinetic industrial god stamping its fist and insisting that we sacrifice ourselves to it. Our blood = oil. I am forced to sacrifice myself to the industrial god. The end.

Just found their show reel on line 

Eventful Days



SUPER moon not so big in Glasgow but still very prominent in the early evening sky. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turner prize shortlist

Shortlist announced for the turner prize 2012

one of whom is Spartacus Chetwynd - real name or not?